Down on the Koerner

May 4, 2017


Bro just picked up tickets to see an upcoming performance by Tomson Highway at Koerner Hall.

Highway grew up in the Manitoba taiga, north of Brochet (French word for Northern Pike aka Jackfish).

His bio on his website says he was born on a snowbank near the Manitoba Nunavut border to a legendary dogsled racer/caribou hunter father and artistic quilter/beader mother. How ’bout that?

His first languages were Cree and Dene. He brought his life experiences to southern Ontario where he managed to write a number of successful plays, novels and childrens books.

But I belive he had/has more to offer. In essence he was swallowed whole by the closed and unforgiving Toronto entertainment scene. Like so many before and after him he was molded and pigeonholed as they thought best. Stifled.

Today he spends his time between French River on the old traditional voyageur route and France – a long way from “the land of little sticks”.

His wish is that we laugh exponentially. Earth will be better for that. He’s not wrong.

Here he is in a DailyExtra interview providing a mere glimpse of what he is capable of.

Images below: Kristen Wesdal (taiga) and me (Toronto)


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