Oka Rumba

May 5, 2017


In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday how about a little rendering of Oh Canada which, when translated comes out Okanada.

Behind the lines in Oka (we must protect our people…and just who are our people anyway?)

Someone’s still getting railroaded.

I grew up not too far from Oka on the West Island. When I see politicians like Bourassa and Mulroney say the things they do here in Okanada I realize where this country’so real divisions lay. Barbed wire everywhere:

Oka ‘Crisis’ link


The videographer, Albert Nerenberg, had to sneak through barbed wire and past military personal to get behind the lines and produce this doc. It is, by consequence, a rough, yet very insightful, piece of work.

Produced by Ina Fichman; directed by Catherine Bainbridge and Albert Nerenberg

Yt post by Armoured Recon

Part 1




People remain “Under Thy Thumb”. Here is a song from a ‘truebador’…a real folk artist…a song of truth addressing power.
Oh Canada, by Willie Dunn
Kalloosit Dunn

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