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May 9, 2017


Jardins St Leon. A local vendor of vegetative goodness. Real varieties from a tiny pocket of the corporate Great Plains that still gives a damn.

I get the feeling that we, all of us, are being processed, sorted and slowly becoming more like one another than we care to understand.

Less diversity. Like seeds: Over 90 percent of the seeds and cultivated plants of just 100 years ago are gone. Forever. What the hell are we doing?

BTW. Do you know what a real tomato tastes like? There is no comparison to Safeway or Fry’s or Sainsbury’s or Costco…

Will Bonsell is an organic farmer in Maine who has dedicated himself to collecting and cataloging as many of our remaining varieties of ‘heirloom‘ seeds as possible. He is not alone. But sadly their seeds only come from the remaining 10 percent or less of agri-seeds the creator originally gave us.

Reminds me of the lyrics of an old Joni Mitchell song: “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone.”

Nobody’s listening. Hear the crickets? That’s the sound of us not giving a damn.


This band was different. They played garage styled music like others, yes. But with a different flavor and presentation. The were pre-punk. Moreover, they were influential.

The Seeds – 1966

Yt post by eddie4forreal


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