May 11, 2017


Image from APTN. Q: Is it cool to wear a headress in public (for fun and/or profit)? A: Well in this case this guy is a Cree from SK so..yes. Right? WRONG answer. Sport teams appropriation is yet another issue. Story link

From – Definition of indomitable

that which cannot be subdued or overcome, as persons, will, or courage; unconquerable:
an indomitable warrior.

We have so far to go in understanding indigenous peoples. So damn far.

One thing is understanding that every comment you make, every feeling, every judgement, every decision comes from misguided ‘teachings’. Just assume you are wrong and start working from there.

The story above has a key ingredient that most people miss. The team consulted with indigenous leadership (a leader respected as one willing to stand up and be heard).


DJShub has a lot of followers in this area. He’s coming to perform at the folk festival in July.


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