The Story

May 16, 2017

Every wood instrument…every guitar has a story. This one is particularly appealing.

And it helps that Wilcox has that laugh. One that reveals his pure joy and excitement to be playing a guitar of such pedigree.

We all have a particular sound and desired feel we are looking for in a guitar. This Olson SJ has a sound that makes my ears vibrate at my personal  desired frequency. But at prices that start at $15k I think I’ll have to let someone with more cash cut in line in front of me.

The keys to this story: growth rings, Adirondack, Olson, fossilized ivory, luthier, Olson SJ, simplicity.
Singer-Songwriter David Wilcox Plays (what was once his)  1996 Olson SJ
Acoustic Guitar Magazine

The song he sings is Deeper Still, which DW co-wrote with
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Yt post by Mark Andrew N

In the tears you gave to me
I found a river to an ocean
Concrete sky and a stone cold sea
I came to where the emptiness cracked open
All my fears came crashing through
And met the fire of my sorrow
But I found my strength in forgiving you
I never even dreamed how far my heart could go
To give my life beyond each death
From a deeper well of trust
To know that when there’s nothing left
You will always have what you gave to love
In this life the love you give
Comes back around to be your treasure
What you lose will be what you win
A well that echoes down too deep to measure
A silver coin rings down that well
You can never spend too much
A diamond echoes deeper still
And you’ll always have what you gave to love
Songwriters: Beth Chapman / David Wilcox


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