Liar Lawyer

May 17, 2017


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I had a friend whose first language was not English who told me “to my ears the word ‘liar’ and ‘lawyer’ sound exactly the same”. Exactly.

Problem #304 with government: too many liars and/or lawyers.

Speaking of Washington DC’t, those letters (DC) stand for something other than District of Crooks?… Den of Colonizers?…Deriliction of Commitment?…no these days DC stands for Damage Control, mainly due to habitual lying and blatant cover-ups. The Capitol building is in DC alright.

Speaking of blood suckers:

Wood ticks in these parts are “in season” and one sure fire way to remove them is by simply using a wet (h2o) Qtip and gently turning the tick’s body as it slowly pulls out of the skin (see video below). Apparently this must be done counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere…clockwise south of the equator.

If only it was so easy to get rid of our political vampires.


This Minnesota band had a big hit in the 60s that was also featured in the movie Good Morning Vietnam…they wouldn’t be inferring that there’s a relationship between deception and war …  would they?

I like how the lead guitarest (Robert Folschow?), after figuring out which side of his hollow body Rickenbacker to play, breaks into a sweat during his two note highlight. Life was tough.

The Castaways – Liar Lawyer 1965
Yt post by My Disco Casino


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