Stuck in the Middle

May 24, 2017


Winnipeg Victorias’ 19th century team ‘sweater’. Note: The Habs stole Winnipegs iconic logo design whilest the Flames stole the colours (and in 1979 the NHL stole al their players whilest in 1996 Phoenix stole their whole %@&^$ team). Conclusion: they may steal bases in baseball but the real thieves are found in hockey.

Stolen team. Stolen jobs. Stolen economy. Stolen heart and soul and future. Stolen land. You could rightly call this steal town but then it would be confused with Selkirk, Hamilton, Pittsburgh, some city in China…
I seldom talk sports but what the hell. It was cold on the weekend which made me think of hockey.
What is the real reason Montreal traded PK Subban? Who cares? Here’s a real hockey story:
How about this for a stretch. Winnipeg has not won the Stanley Cup (hockey’s holy grail) since 1902. That’s a 115 year drought.
Winnipeg has only won the Stanley Cup 3 times but have played for it a whopping 8 times. As I told you before I think, Winnipeg was the first team outside of Quebec to win Lord Stanley’s cup (1896) and had the very first Stanley Cup Parade (same year). I missed it.
The game has been rigged against this town since the last cup win in ’02. And for clarification, it wasn’t the construction of the Panama Canal that hindered river city’so demise. That’s just a lie perpetuated to deflect from the truth.
So who killed this burg? Just follow the money trail and it leads directly to a couple of power corporations run by eastern “families”. They have had control of PM’s and local politicians since the 60’s (not so coincidentally that is when the thievery went into high gear). Only one person ever …I mean ever…stood up to the continuous pillaging of this place by the agents of power. He looked at big money crony politicians and said “do not forget us”. He put everything on the line with a simple act of defiance. Elijah Harper, a Cree from Red Sucker Lake.

Free Press photo.

So you think we’re all stuck in the middle of this mess? Here’s a song (2 transplanted Americans cover Dylan) that has lyrics that start in the middle with a dialogue between a joker and a thief:

Happy birthday Bobby Z!

All Along the Watchtower – Calvin Russell and Elliott Murphy

Yt post but musicloveraustria2


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