Good Creation vs Bad

June 6, 2017


Near the Atlantic shore.

As you sit there, looking through your window, what do you see?

We are so far withdrawn from real nature in our everyday lives we are actually afraid of it. No wonder we attack it relentlessly.

As long as we create our view of nature purely for it’s entertainment value we are on the wrong track.

Speaking of creation and entertainment…One of the best constructed pop hits of the sixties:

Yt post by ianabroad

The Hollies – Look Through Any Window


Also near the Atlantic shore. We have no idea what real nature is. Create it? Mold it? Contain it? No idea. Image from

And because it is my eldest daughter’s birthday (D-Day) here is a song by a local band for no particular reason other than she can’t get it out of her head this morning:
Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

(Can’t forget Weird Al’s interpretation)

Yt post by killoutcookie



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