Valley Soul

June 12, 2017

From the land of fruit, wine and seafood (Digby scallops):

At an old, small-town high school in the Annapolis Valley, (slated for demolition)  the school band was playing some funky sixties music. They had the music in them. And there is little doubt that small wilting towns like Bridgetown have far more character, heart & soul and positive vibes than their large urban neighbours.

(Btw, Carlin was dead wrong…white folk can indeed play – music is color blind Willie).

Here’s the song the band was playing at the time I snapped the image – although their cover was more like The Blues Brothers with the horns as opposed to the classic throaty B3. as played by the SDG below.

(I wonder if they play any Credence or The Band).

Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Levon

Yt post by Monotostereoking



Small town reality: Where else can former classmates go and casually chat with the provincial premier about family and weather and anything non-political (he just happened to graduate from this school in the eighties).



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