Pickin’ Away

June 13, 2017

Christopher Hinton Black Fly

Had a little memorial service in the backwoods of Nova Scotia and let me tell you…the black flies were ravenous. I noticed them flying around us the whole time but they didn’t seem to be biting. (I was mistaken).

But now, three days later, the itching and still driving me…back home.

Everyone talks about (ad nauseum) how bad the mosquitos are in River City but I’ll take them anytime over these ferocious little buggers. Any. Time. (Baby).

I’d rather die picking my guitar than with hordes of black flies picking my bones in North Ontario or The Maritimes or anywhere…

Obvious choice of musical material: from the NFB – National Film Board of Canada

Music by Wade Hemsworth

YT? Post by Rob van Vleit


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