Living the Lie

June 24, 2017

Ignorance is blasphemy:

The more people talk, the more bullshit fills the air.

There are many who purposely distract from important issues of the day: the continued struggles faced by indigenous peoples, poverty & starvation, the war on terror & drugs, guns, black lives, climate change….to those who want to believe what they want to believe… learn to understand:

Admettez que, bientôt, vous serez submergés
Et que si vous valez la peine d’être sauvés,
Il est temps maintenant d’apprendre à nager
Car le monde et les temps changent

We have to be willing to learn new things – and there are many who refuse for their own selfish reasons. Pity.

How long can we tread water? Better learn to swim cuz the times are changing quickly.
Richard Séguin – Les temps changent
Yt post by Rosebelle GX




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