White Boys White Boys

July 13, 2017


Many people think those offended by Cornwallis should ‘get over it’. (Shit) Whilst others grab the nearest union jack and demand submission to the rulers of the artificial kingdom. (Like they say: when a bunch of white boys carrying a union jack show up it’s not gonna be goodness…)

Whatcha gonna do?

Canada’s confederate flag equal is the Union Jack. Canada’s equivalent to historical guys like Robert E Lee are dudes like Edward Cornwalis.

(For those who don’t know, Cornwallis was one of those reverred historical creatures who couldn’t wait for European diseases to kill off the first ones so he enacted his own form of genocide….here’s a quote from a CBC article by Anjuli Patel:

Cornwallis, a governor of Nova Scotia, was a British military officer who founded Halifax in 1749. The same year, he issued the so-called scalping proclamation, offering a cash bounty to anyone who killed a Mi’kmaq person. Other than that major faux pas (conveniently overlooked for centuries) it could be argued that he was a pretty good soldier of the British crown and all round good neighbour.


Last night Bob Dylan played the heavily publicly $$$ funded MTS BELL Centre whilst The Offspring played the heavily publicly $$$ funded RBC Convention Centre … oh the choices we have to make…
The Offspring – Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Yt Post by tiago comacho

Uh huh



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