Love is All We Need

August 1, 2017


From Penn State:

A St. Paul, Minnesota woman passed away recently at the wonderful age of 109. Her name was Dorothy Hall McFarland.

You will not know her. She wasn’t well known across the land. (Although she was Prince’s mother’s godmother).

She simply lived her life well, focussing on three things. Music. Children. Community.

When asked the inevitable question about her secret to living such a long life she replied: “Love”. (From the Minneapolis Star Tribune)

And to love music, children and community is as good as it gets.

(Lately we seem to be trending on the opposite direction. It’s all about me, and my tweets.)

Living Dorothy’s life beliefs is a fine way to go. We only get one chance. Don’t be denied.


It’s fine to live our lives in relative obscurity, as long as we live it like D.

In this doc Young mentions the influence Link Wray‘s pioneering distorted guitar style had on him. Wray was  Shawnee.

Documentary: Neil Young – Don’t Be Denied


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