Restoring Regularity

August 6, 2017


Last week it was the piano guy, Billy Joel, at Target Field. The place was packed but it took a little longer than usual for the regular crowd to shuffle in.

I’ve never see so many old, fat, white men and women gathered in one place with actual smiles on their faces. Nobody was bitching.

Nice to see…beats those Trump rallies anytime (oh them damn Russians).


The only Billy Joel story I can relay was when an old friend of mine went to Hong Kong. He saw a sidewalk vendor selling tapes real cheap. One caught his eye. It was “The Piano Man. Song’s of Billy Joel” so he bought it…but when he got back to his hotel he noticed the “l” in Joel was just a line in the photograph and it was really the songs of Billy Joe…some Aisian basement musician.

He ran back to the sidewalk man but the guy had packed up and moved on. So it goes.

This is good: (thanks Natalie)

Brooklyn Duo

But this story and gig at Shea is one for the ages:


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