Let Us Prey

November 22, 2017


There are too many predators out there. And from religious leaders to presidents & politicians to CEO’s & teachers, cult leaders and terrorists to the neighbor next door, far too many who encourage predatorial behavior and/or say nothing at all. Pity.

Prey On Me – The Middle Coast


Smokin from a Crack(ed) Pipe

November 21, 2017

Above: Dont worry about it. Its all under control. Manitoba Trans-Canada pipeline explosion a couple miles south of here. From CTV
It’s official. Oil and high octane fuel and pipes make men feel like real men. The more oil flowing through them pipes the more testosterone flows. And in the end we got ourselves some spillage and explosions.
Some should buy some more domains like transcanada.ca and redirect the pipelayers to the Viagra website. (Like Dave Weasel).
Everybody gets aroused when the tar people come to town. Orgasmic!

Here’s a guy who knew about double entendres when writing songs.
I’m layin’ pipe
All night long
Layin’ pipe
To satisfy that woman

Layin Pipe – David Wilcox
Yt post by Shell Farley

IMG_20171120_090742Pipes don’t leak. Pipes don’t leak. Pipes don’t leak. Pipes don’t leak. Pipes don’t leak. Pipes don’t leak. Pipes don’t leak. Pipes don’t leak.

Little Donny Tightlips

November 20, 2017

Abuse. Of power.


2017. The crazy world of  Donny Tightlips:

So 45 ain’t sayin’ nuthin’ about Roy Moore and his pedophilia accusations. Donny doesn’t hesitate to fire rapidly at anything that moves but he selectively holds ’em now and again. This is one of those rare cases.

Given that silence is acceptance, we can conclude that 45 is fine with the actions of pedophiles.

Imagine. The “leader” and official Twitter voice of the this earth’ s most powerful and omnipresent nation, has no problem with pedophiles and/or child molesters, predators and sexual offenders. And people who use their “perceived power” to mistreat and harm those who have misplaced trust in those causing inexplicable harm*.

What a sad, sick world we live in.

To those who believe fire is sacred: please help us get out of this fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Thanks. Miigwetch.

1969 – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Fire

From Top of the Pops (TOPTArchive)

We need to remember the importance of mental health. Remember the victims and families of people like Charles Manson. And remember that Manson himself was victimised emotionally, physically and sexually as a child by adult(s) in his life that he should have looked up to, trusted and emulated.

We know how Manson turned out. And it is partly because of “leaders” like Trump who put (political) power ahead of defending those who have been abused. Sad.


Rebels Without a Clue

November 18, 2017


Heading to the Atlantic: Chebucto Harbor/Harbour/Harber. The island in the background is McNab’s Island “Isle de Chibouquetou” which is where British forced area Mi’kmaq people to “relocate” in 1760.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times:

We’re heading into uncharted territory. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Let’s just sit on our collective hands and wait ‘n see, shall we.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Into the Great Wide Open – 1991
One of the best songs ever written about chasing the dream, recklessly ignoring the warnings and living with the uncomfortable, even unbearable, consequences. Vicious*. Clueless**.

How to play (ah yes GCD chorus and..the old walk-down using the C# of an Em6. Love it.)
Yt post by Mahalodotcom

The warnings and not so subtle symptoms are hidden right their in plain sight for all to see. But alas, ( that’s right, alas) the warnings, like fake news, are irrevocably ignored. Meaningful deliberations are non-existent. The jury believes as it chooses. The decision has been made. Euthanasia by injection.
Most people have no idea what condition our condition is in. And saying the current state of affairs makes us appear to be a bunch of banjo-picking inbreds in a banana republic is an insult to banjo pickers, inbreds and banana republics.
From Google dictionary…
* Vicious: brutal, ferocious, savage, violent, dangerous, ruthless, remorseless, merciless, heartless, callous, cruel, harsh, cold-blooded, inhuman, fierce, barbarous, barbaric, brutish, bloodthirsty, fiendish, sadistic, monstrous, murderous, homicidal
**Clueless: having no knowledge, understanding, or ability.
“you’re clueless about how to deal with the world”
synonyms: oblivious, unaware, unmindful, insensible, ignorant, unobservant; More
insensitive, unaffected, indifferent
“ads depicting dads as clueless buffoons”
antonyms: aware, sensitive
And they all lived happily ever after.


TO: Tom Petty AND Malcolm Young. RIP

Never was a big AC⚡️DC fan but Malcolm sure knew how to write ’em! And his rhythm guitar work was matched by few if any.

Tweet from Waubgeshig Rice (@waub): One of the biggest gatherings of Indigenous people I’ve ever seen was at an AC⚡️DC show at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg in 2009. I swear at least 1/4 of the crowd was brown. It’s one of my all-time favourite concert experiences. RIP Malcolm Young 🤘🏽✊🏽✌🏽❤️

“The soundtrack of ‘the rez’ “.

Amidst ominous signals appearing around us that that we are on a highway to hell I give you: (But never fear, Wi-Fi still works)
Highway To HELL – Malcolm Young’s AC⚡️DC

Spill Oil. Drink That Crude.

November 17, 2017

The world. Good from far. Far from good. To wit:


Creator/author unknown

Remember last month’s mass murder in NYC? Vegas is just a faded memory. Texas? Last week’s news. And California?
Good thing he didn’t shoot a whole bunch of innocent children huh. God knows he wanted to. But someone will (pick off our children with a high powered automatic “rifle”). It’s only a matter of time. Time.
What kind of people are we? If you answered “Generally we are a good species” then you’re part of the problem. In fact, even if you had no answer and merely shrugged your shoulders you are complicit.
Yeah. We move those stories to the back burner as quickly as possible. Yet people actually continue to indirectly defend the purputrators of those crimes against humanity. Warped. People defend pedophiles. People defend sexual assault. People defend genocides past and present. Warped.
Just like oil spills. Millions of gallons are spilled and an “official” defends it by saying that the environment wasn’t harmed?? Huh??? Warped.
Ahead Captain. Warp factor nine (notice that Chekov, the Star Trek Navigator/Weapons officer/Science officer is Russian…just sayin’). Btw… everybody knows the ship is sinking….everybody knows the captain lies…Leonard Cohen.
And so there was another oil spill yesterday in South Dakotah. So what.
More oil shipments = more spills = more lessons learned = more oil shipments = more spills = more lessons learned = more oil shipments = more spills = more oil shipments = more spills = more lessons learned = more oil shipments = more spills shipments = more spills …
Defending our insatiable thirst for dominance and guns and fossil fuels is immoral. Ignoring it, like ignoring all our immoral actions, is pathetic. Our species is pathtic (especially the dude who spent nearly half a billion $$ on “Salvator Mundi”, the questionable Leonardo da Vinci painting of a white Jesus Christ.) Oh…and the Russian who hacked into and hijacked the U.S. election. Oh…and Theresa May…and the Saudis…and Henrik Wareborn, oh, what about Julius Fingabottom from Springfield S.D. OMG I’ve forgotten Billy Preston.

Btw. Where is the Christian right in all this? Where are any so-called religious leaders and so-called political leaders? Union bosses? (chortle). All part of the problem.
May your god have mercy on our sociopathic, self-serving, domineering souls. Pity.

Save Me (Us) Now – Jeff Lynne – 1990

The consensus  seems to be key of D. So chords used are D G D F#m G A with a Bm thrown into the chorus (G D A Bm).
Yt post by NotChuckNorris

And my eyes kept slowly trickling
Down to where the party’s at
And if everybody’s going there well
That’s the end of that

Christopher Hinton Black Fly

Nipaapaa. De quel côté toé

November 16, 2017

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another


Riel’s forgotten speech from the Grain Exchange balcony: Treat my people well. Crickets.

Colonial desires vs Indigenous life. English vs French. Protestant vs Catholic. Orangemen vs “non-conformists”. East vs West. North vs south. It continues to this day.*

Red River will Rise again:

Today marks 132 years since Louis Riel’s execution by an elitist federal government completely out of touch with reality (or Rielity as they say around here).
Manitobah. This midway province located between east and west and stretching from America to the middle coast of Hudson Bay (the rest of the world). This territory was so important in Canada’s quest to steal all the land available from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic. It was the keystone of their empire creation. Promises were made. Lies were spun. Promises were broken.

Manitoba. Like it’s people. Long scorned upon and mistreated and lied to and taken advantage of.
Louis Riel, as 《fondateur du Manitoba》, had a choice to make for his people, whom he believed to be all people of Red River (to become Manitoba): including Métis, Saulteaux, Ojibway, Cree, Sioux, Assiniboine, Dene, Scot, Irish, French, and on and on.

After leading the Red River Uprising in 1869, he had two options really.

1. He could choose joining America, as some wanted him to do. That choice was a natural in those days just prior to the national railway construction.  The connection was centuries in the making. Indigenous peoples had used the river for thousands of years for travel and trade with peoples of the south. Then the fur traders had used freighter canoes. After that came the famous Red River cart trails and river paddle-wheel steamers connecting traders & travellers to the Dakotahs, Minnesota and St. Paul.  Incidently, the first rail line constructed in Manitoba was not the east/west Canadian Pacific Rail line but was from RR settlement south to the U.S.

2. Or Riel could take his people and homeland and become the first province to join the newly created country known as Canada which at the time was merely portions of four provinces to the east.

Thinking east/west was also natural. Again, indigenous peoples of the region had used the waterways going east and west for trade and travel. The fur traders, “explorers” and expansionists eager to plant flags and re-write history followed those ancient river highways. And then there was the more “direct” connection following the flow of the rivers north to Hudson Bay where supply ships exchanged goods and settlers bound for Red River for furs and other bounty headed to European profiteers and consumers.

Riel was lured to the latter (#2) by promises ensuring his people would be treated well. Of course, it was a colonial trap. Shortly after, Riel was chased out of the country and his people either succumbed to dominance, persecution and assimilation or were chased into the north west. After hearing of the Governments’ reneging on its guarantees, Riel secretly returned to correct the mistreatment of his quarantined people. He was chased down, captured and hung by those same domineering authorities that he thought he had a deal with.
By the 1890’s, a few years after his execution, all those promises made in 1869/70 had been broken or unfullfilled. This immoral behavior by government should sound familiar.

Louis made a mistake.
Kikiiwemin. Rentrer chez nous. Time to go/come home. Chez nous.


This is a great song (written from one side) by one time Red River citizen James Keelaghan, who now lives on the other side in the “Orange country” of southern Ontario (just sayin’). It highlights the psychological divide between the people and the physical division of a country…never the two shall meet. The “other” side.

Chords: capo II – start in F# minor but shapes = Em C D Em chorus – step up to  G D Em C D Em

Red River Rising – James Keelaghan

The tar people are coming. The tar people are coming:
*The head of the Manitoba Métis Federation has been convinced/bribed story link) to support oil and gas extraction and pipeline distribution from and across indigenous land. (Multimillion dollar agreement MMF signed with Enbridge).
The tar people can now declare they have “indigenous” support for their continued pilaging. We’re still being used and abused. It may seem to some that we’ve gone full circle. We never really left.
Above: Last winter on the skating trail. In the foreground is the rope (you heard me – ropewarming hut directly in front of the Louis Riel statue. Coincidence?

In the backgroud stands the imposing government legislative building, housing the officials acting on Ottawa’s behalf. Representitive of l’autre côté. Reminders of misunderstanding, mistreatment, bribery and dominance continue to this day…ever so subtly.
Lyrics from jellynote.com
James Keelaghan – Red River Rising
The night a moonlit shadow, cut with barren trees
Cory’s on the other side
A fine grey mare beneath me, mud up to my knees
Cory’s on the other side
Red River’s rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Red River’s rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Cory’s on the other side
Well, Thomas Scott he took the lead, we rode to Portage Town
Cory’s on the other side
Métis riders on our tail, it’s soon they rode us down
Cory’s on the other side
Red River’s rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Red River’s rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Cory’s on the other side
Well, the clouds above the stockade wall were heavy with the snow
Cory’s on the other side
The muffled drums beat out the time and Thomas was laid low
Cory’s on the other side
Red River’s rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Red River’s rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Cory’s on the other side
She’s on the other side
Red River rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Red River rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Cory’s on the other side
Now, Cory at the prison door, her eyes were cold and blue
Cory’s on the other side
Wore a rose in her hair just like the Spanish ladies do
Cory’s on the other side
Red River rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Red River rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Red River rising, the Red River’s rising
Cory’s on the other side
Cory’s on the other side
She’s on the other side

énska un one

November 15, 2017


Twin Flames in concert in Rigolet Labrador, Wednesday (Pingatsiq) night. A Charlie Flowers photo.

Twin Flames is a great name for a performing duo, huh. Chelsey June (Algonquin Cree Métis) is from Ottawa and her partner in music and life, Jaaji, is Inuk Mohawk from Nunavik (Inuktitut: ᓄᓇᕕᒃ) in northern Québec and Kahnawake near Montréal.

They perform in Inuktitut, French and English. What a sweet musical melange.

They are currently on tour: crisscrossing this country, especially in the Arctic, is challenging. (Taking your show on the road is difficult when there are none).

Twin Flames
– Porchlight
Yt post by Twin Flames Aarjuuk

Song dedicated to missing and murdered indigenous women and girls…

Twin Flames – Taanisi Acoustic

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