July 25, 2017


Human Rights. Peace tower.

Chuck Copenance is an Ojibway jazz horn player. He’ll be performing at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights on Saturday as part of the Canada Games opening.  Don Amero and Vince & Gabrielle Fontaine (Indian City…yesterday’s feature here) will also be performing.

Chuck Copenance – AMP Sessions

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Missing Inaction

July 24, 2017


MMIW or MMIWG It doesn’t matter what acronym you pick…its all about results. Just get some results.

It has been awhile since the monument to missing and murdered indigenous women and girls was placed. A lot of water has flowed through and past and over the river junction at the heart of Turtle Island.
Seasons have come and gone. Inquiry members have come and gone. Results have been few.
Is this lip service at it’s most unproductive colonial creation?
How would a strong indigenous community handle this?
That’s the direction to go.


A song written about MMIWG:
For those who remain unaware, the black and white videography highlighting the red dress does have significant significance.

Through the Flood – Indian City

Let the Games Begin

July 22, 2017


Why is this man always smirking? Narcissism? In politics?

How ’bout a song about a woman who was used by a man only until he no longer needed that which she had to feed his ego.

Foolish GamesJewel ~ 1994

Atlantic Revords

Carry a Big Schtick

July 21, 2017


He was one boy who understood that rock n roll is a vicious game.

Kenny Shields passed away a few hours ago just a couple of blocks from here.

He was a complete “local rock star” who was always knockin’ on stardom’s door. He gave us a lot more than most…here comes the night and the light is bright!


Kenny Shields and Streetheart 1979

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Writers’ Block

July 20, 2017


Image from cool stuff – Cape Breton if Donald Trump wins

There are millions and millions and millions of song writers in Tennessee but only a few are ‘successful’. And they come from everywhere.

One of this song’s co-writers (Big Pond’s Gordie Sampson) who’s bin living in 615 for years grew up in Cape Breton (yes he’s a Caper).

Florida Georgia Line – God, Your Mama and Me

Come From Behind

July 18, 2017

We’ve been fooled over and over and over again.

  • When you hide behind that which you shall never attain you are easily played for pretentious fools.
  • When the album from which this song was released came out in the early seventies I realized that more and more I was questioning our values & and how we viewed what we could and could not do.
  • Can you do that?

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The opening chord is usually an asus2 (x02200) then Em g d c a with an e and bm thrown in. Find chords here.

Some recognise what reality is….others throw themselves at that which is unattainable and distracts from the real real thing.



Good work from feelnumb.com

Postscript: the British monarchy has no place in this country. Dump the effing leaches and their minions. (Just sayin’)


July 17, 2017


Elvis’ Gibson 1956 J200 after its 1960 refurbishment with fret board name inlay among other tweeks. Image source and great story by Gibson.

One of my favorite singer/songwriters and his 1956 Elvis connection.

When your handlers want to create a completely different persona. Declan Patrick MacManus becomes an unperson: enter stage left – Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello

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