Work and the Rest?

July 17, 2018

At the crossroads: Young and Yonge

The question is: Am I working or on “leave”. Whatever it is, is so much easier now that I can stand aside and see things so much differently.

These songs came out over 50 long years ago. 50+ years working on the hard rock pile! Ancient music.

Seven Long Years – The Guess Who
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We was so much older then. We’re younger than that now.
My Back Pages – The Byrds
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Breakin’ Hearts

July 14, 2018

20180621_110518Rushing river over ancient rock at Seven Sisters

William Prince and Neil Young. A world apart yet from the same place.
William’s (great) story of his open for Neil recently in Boston (my fourth favorite city):


July 13, 2018

Red River. Winnipeg.
Slowly but surely, Indigenous Peoples are reclaiming themselves. That which was ripped away from them.
Inninewak. Miskwaagamiwi-ziibiing. Which in the language of the peoples you call Oji-Cree means: Red River. Winnipeg.

Rolling Stones – Start Me Up – 1981
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Quantum Tangle – Tiny Hands – LIVE
Copper Quartz Media

Scope Creaps

July 12, 2018

Fat-Skinny-Mirror-Reflection-250x220Nothing to see here people. Time to look at something else. Are you happy with what you see or what you think you see?
Taming and trimming the waste line:
From the costly misery of the F35 development to the woes of the Bradley.
War is a racket creating enormous waste. So is government. Talk about scope creep. Talk about ‘top heavy’. Talk about waste.

Where does this waste size increase excessively? Wherever we find people influencing and/or making financial decisions affecting money that isn’t their’s. (i.e. Government and their dependant strategic alliances.)

The question that begs to be asked, (from my old mega-project daze filled with abundant scope creep and mismanagement): How could you let that happen?

Comes this classic:
Pentagon Wars – Bradley Fighting Vehicle Evolution
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And yet another source of waste as pointed out to us by Monty Python:

Monty Python – Hospital Sketch

The best line amongst numerous best lines follows the woman giving birth who asks the doctor what she can do to which he responds rather indignantly “Nothing. You’re not qualified”. Classic!
In this mad mad world I pity those like the pretentious doctor who believe that if one is “Not qualified” (by an institution full of like-minded qualified people) then those “unqualified” have nothing to contribute.
They couldn’t be wronger. Sad.

What’s My Lion

July 11, 2018

I did not like this song early on…too English and too sappy…
But I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes “bittersweet love songs” can be quite worthwhile.
And two out of three lions ain’t bad.
After all, even though we’ve been witness to it all before, there’s still a chance. We have hope.
And Ive also come to realize: Life is bittersweet. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

England Football – Three Lions – Down Syndrome (story link)

Lean On ‘Do Re Mi’

July 10, 2018

The reason why someone with teeth has to watch over particular companies’ wreckless abandonment of common sense in their rush to make increased profits, can be found everywhere. Notably places like India and China.
It turns out several Chinese companies (story link) use chlorofluorocarbons in spite of its world-wide ban pursuant to the Montréal Protocol of 1987. In fact, their continued use and unchecked disposal/dispersal into the atmosphere is the single largest reason why the planet’s ozone layer is not healing properly. A festering wound.
These kinds of transgressions against life are what makes it so difficult to press for smaller government and less interference in the marketplace. Government dependant people easily point to these ‘uncaring corporate entities’ as good reason for an ever growing surveillant government. Pity.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could manage to deal with this “profit before planet & people mentality” ourselves without government expanding exponentially to ‘aerve and protect’** us.
**but instead serves and protects corporate “friends”.
Dream on me. Dream on.
Aerosmith – Dream On (Lyrics)
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Jon Foreman – “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Cover (Acoustic)
Jon Foreman


(Always be careful to label ‘capitalism’ as what we have world-wide today: the ultra-pervasive crony-capitalism)

We need more trust. And to do that fundamental changes need to be made. But it ain’t gonna happen with today’s controlled mindset. Kinda like turning a cruise ship around on a dime.
So the violence against life continues. And that violence and harm committed against life includes mother earth by the way…just sayin’.

Con Quest

July 9, 2018


Life in the manipulative/surveillance era

Killing our minds (softly) with socially accepted norms (words):
Not costumes.
Not heathens.
Not salable.
Not tractable.
Not Indians.
Here’s a local band’s 1979 ‘big hair era’ cover of the Stone’s classic “Under My Thumb” Not:

Under My Thumb – Streetheart
YT Post by Gordonyyz

Chords: F#,E,D with an A and B thrown into the chorus

Willy Mitchell and Desert River Band – Kill’n Your Mind – 2014
Chords: Barre Am,G,F thru but I like to add power chords A,C,D just for added kuller/colour/color.
Yt Post by Light In The Attic Records

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