Arms Wrestling

September 15, 2017


The WWE is fake you know. It’s a carefully choreographed show designed to make lots of money for the people behind it.

Kinda troubling when you realize the truth eh. Like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real. Or that democracy isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Depressing.

Speaking of depressing. Some will remember 1962 and the cold war nuclear attack drills we went though in elementary school.

Basically the instructions were: head to the lower level of the  school, sit down, put your head between your legs, take a deep breath and kiss your collective asses good-bye.

Very comforting for six year olds. Didn’t affect us at all.

Although maybe that explains road rage, neo-nazism, poisoned planet denial and why we all carry guns to bed at night. Oh, and heart disease & related symptoms such as:

Asthma, obesity, diabetes, war, terrorism, headaches, depression & anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, fear & loathing, Alzheimer’s disease….

Today the actors have different faces, but the plot and sponsors are the same. Take a deep breath and enjoy the show.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy. – Bobby McFerrin ~ 1988



Indigenous peoples have a deep respect for their storytelling. Some, like from the first peoples of Australia, relate the importance of life and all of our interrelationships with land, water, air, fire & our ancestors, elders and family. It is life. And life is a gift to be taken with honor.


Some wounds never heal, we just learn to live with the scars. But music, even music which evokes great sadness, can soothe the pain and lift the spirit.

Here is Norah Jones with a sweet, sweet gift to us. Remembering Chris and a decision he cannot take back.

Hand Out of Control

September 13, 2017

Above: near the forks of Two rivers at the very heart of Turtle Island. The same spot. Two extremes.
Which Way You going?:
Ever wonder where the money goes? I mean the good folks you’re giving your hard earned cash to will tell you it goes to R & D, or to upgrade infrastructure that is woefully in need of upgrades, or that the money is headed to the orphanages in Africa etc etc.
They don’t tell you it goes to a carefully choreographed effort to ensure you never question their real intentions.
And they are famous for using and abusing.

1. A respected international charity (United Way) started in this town. It grew and prospered thanks to the generosity of the people here…known to be the most generous in the country. Then it abruptly packed up and moved its “corporate” head office to Toronto. They don’t give a damn about the hand that fed (and still feeds) them.
Q: Guess where a huge chunk of change goes in that organization. A: “Admin.” (which includes free lunches for the board.)
2. The government collects tax after tax after tax (and is constantly in search of more revenue streams i.e. taxes). Q: Guess where most of the money goes. A: “Admin.” which includes free lunches for the bored.

3. The city health authority recently announced that 700 jobs will be lost or changed in our hospitals. Our health care costs enormous amounts of money. It is suffering. We are affected. Meanwhile the health authority is closing emergency care and cutting jobs. Q: Where is all that money going? A: To the “authority”. Admin. Yes, they get free lunches.
The federal government has gouged this place of jobs and money over time immoral and in turn hands cash and jobs over to their friends in “other” places. They shouldn’t be doing such foolishness! Those government tooth fairies are in the wrong business.
4. Apple recently launched their IPhone 10 and the cost??…The iPhone X (10) comes in 64GB & 256GB versions, costing £999 and £1,149 in the UK, respectively. Close to 2 grand in this country. For a freaking phone!!!
Are we crazy? Who is your provider anyhoo?
We’ve lost our focus. We’ve gone to the other extreme.
We have to learn to rely more upon ourselves. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you….because it should be your own. No admin there.
Last night the “stars alligned” (Hand to Hand 2017) to sing and praise money for the victims of the recent unpresidented hurricanes. Very honorable.

Hope the collectors are wise with their money. Hope it all goes to those suffering & directly to reconstruction of lives & property and not mainly to counties and regions of friends or ones that voted for certain people. And especially not to admin.

One of the songs performed was Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. (No admin up there.)

Here is my favorite cover by a barefooted k.d. lang performed on a Manitoba stage just down the road here way back in 2005.

(When hometown boy Neil Young suddenly became ill this Alberta woman jumped in last minute and was able to pull off this spine tingling performance…yes Virginia, there are some good things about this business).

A song from the continent’s heart:

YT Post by oneandonlyck

Schools In

September 12, 2017


Above: My old schools. Bricks. Mortar. And textbooks created to keep us on the same page. I graduated from both. Yes, you read me write. I graduated high school twice. I’ll explain some other time.

I just went by one of them this morning and was watching the kids skip through the doors on their way to algebra or metal shops class. I swear none of them were born in the century I graduated. Hell, I bet none of their teachers were born prior to the years I graduated.

When we walked out of Mr. Blackman’s class for the last time it was to go out and “see” the world. Cuz that’s what you did back then. We didn’t need no stinking “formal” education. School was out for ever (baby)!…Though some of us did go back to schools in one form or another.

But most of my fellow grads headed to the west coast to smoke home grown pot and dance naked In the rain. In fact, I bet most of them are still living on Salt Spring Island or or one of the other Gulf Islands, fully dazed and content.

And one thing’s for sure. Although I’ve visited one of them there schools once or twice, I’m never going back.

Try the karaoke version of MOS: by Bittersweet karoake

Steely Dan – My Old School – live May 1974

YT Post by Elton dvds


September 11, 2017


A happy painted turtle sunning himself yesterday in the back 40. Simple pleasures.

H8 iz h8 iz h8 iz h8. Sorry, but racism disguised as “free speech” is absolute hate.

Conversely, there is an inherent goodness in seeking out wisdom.

Smile upon your fellow human. Even if they’ve made bad choices.

After years of giving lives to stop the spread of that evil communism, it is now ok to kiss and make up.

We can be truly happy together.

For this young kid (moi), The Turtles goof-pop music was pure goodness. They all looked so good. Especially “Flo and Eddie” (which one is Flo and which one is Eddie?).

And you gotta love Flo’s French horn solo:

Yt post by TurtlesHappyTogether

For all you kids out there. Here is a little primer from Flo and Eddie on the perils of the musical industrial complex and how they overcame the hate they developed trying to survive the industry. (Sadly, no one thought to tell the boys that rock n roll is a vicious game). Vicious.

Which brings us right back to simple pleasures.

Hate Management ~ (which is the noun and which is the verb?)
Nort Watson’s YT post:

Cronies, Crooks & Crickets

September 10, 2017


Both government and large corporations are sucking the life out of our communities with more ferocity than water sucking, damage inflicting, Hurricane Irma.
Where’s the Exxon and and Pfeiffer and aid and shelters with separate beds and showers and biscuits & gravy for everyone…including the poor?
Where I ask you?
How the hell can we break from our reliance on these massively destructive human creations?
There is a way.

BTW. There are no category 5 hurricanes in Hudson Bay at the present time. And it was really cold in Ottawa the other night. Oh, and it feels like winter in the southern hemisphere. Irrefutable proof that climate change is a hoax.

Meanwhilst. In our little corner of the rock nothing’s really happening. It never does.

Moody Manitoba Morning – The (Five) Bells

In Your Face

September 9, 2017


Do you somehow get the feeling that a sizable percentage of the human population either denies the truth inconveniently popping up before their unseeing eyes…or they don’t really give a damn?
Keep on warring. Keep on poisoning. Keep on hating. Keep on pillaging. Keep on gouging. Keep on denying.
Hear only what you wanna hear. Life is finite.
Feel like a restless fool?

From Crisis What Crisis:
A Soapbox Opera – Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) Writer and Composer

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