Crossing Over

July 8, 2018

From O’Reilly’s Pub on George Street, St Johns: Our dear friend Gary Lowe from #BigSugar has passed away. They’ve graced our stage before but more importantly they’ve become our friends. We’ll miss his gracious disposition and warm smile. Sending deepest condolences to Gordie, Kelly, the Big Sugar family and Gary’s family.


The game is on! It seems everyone is taking sides and crossing over.
Uh…so why did the chickens cross the road?

Big Sugar – Red Rover.
Yt post by TrichomeIndica




July 6, 2018


Last of the wild ‘buffalo’ (near what is now known as Silver Heights close to the JAR).

We all see things our own way. What are you looking at??

Another Folk Fest artist:
From White Lies

Mick Flannery – What Do YOU See


Sweet Summer Music

July 5, 2018

20180704_124321Today: Green green grass and summer breezes flank the Assiniboine & Red River Shore (at The Forks)

The local folk festival kicks off today…and “folk” is a term used quite loosely today referring primarily to the good folk who attend and perform (not necessarily the music genre).

One of the artists to grace the hot stage at Birds Hill:

St. Paul and The Broken Bones – Grass is Greener | OurVinyl Sessions

You’ll Pay For That

July 4, 2018


July 4th. Ha. Are your papers in order? (Now that’s a flag worth groping in public!)

As Lisa sez: “Once the words have been said, you can’t go back, to what you used to have”.

Lisa LeBlanc – I Love You, I Don’t Love You, I Don’t Know


Valley of the Shadow

July 3, 2018

20180610_175345above: Cape Spears. Most easterly point in North America.

This northern part of North America has now only one choice when it comes to the sale and trade of material goods and services. Diversification.
Look in more directions than your old dance partner. Cuz that partner is no longer working in step with you. It’s over.
This country has too much reliance on its long standing pieces of its economic engine: the auto-sector (primarily S. Ontario) and oil (primarily Alberta). If one of those two “key economic drivers” falters seriously then the entire country suffers.

And reliance upon a single industry to provide wealth is as dangerous as relying upon a single market controlled by governments subject to extreme instability. That’s not wise. That’s not good.
If you choose status quo, you invite certain economic distress.
Get out of the overbearing shadow you find yourself in. Diversification = Goodness for everybody.


Equally imbalanced and damaging is the present situation that sees one nation having one city that is so overpowering, so controlling, so much larger and arrogantly domineering than any others. The Six = Deep Six. Hogtown indeed. Canada’s black hole. Also not good.

Time to freshen up:

Basia Bulat – Tall Tall Shadow (Official Video)
Secret City Records

By Canadian

July 1, 2018

image (1)
CTV image
Portage and Main red leaf below.
Tariff Sheriffs: Today (Canada Day) Canada enacts numerous retaliatory tariffs on US goods coming up…and it’s not just the imposition of tariffs that point to government meddling. Its the billions in corporate welfare given by governments to big corps like Boeing and Bombardier.
But you like things the way they are and the way they are headed. Sad.

Happy ‘birthday’ Canada. Here’s a little authentic Red power;
A Tribe Called Red

Verses Versus Versus

June 30, 2018

The other day at a restaurant in Vancouver popular with tourists, a customer come in with a MAGA hat on. After he sat down and prepared to order, the manager came over and asked him to remove his hat. The patron refused. The manager kicked him out….that manager was later fired due to the owner’s restaurant policy to be inclusive of all.

The iconic MAGA hat. Abominable fantasy or an awakening. You choose. They want you to.

The hat represents two quite different sets of ideologies to people:
A: Prosperity. Strength. And of course, getting ‘our’ country back from “the elites”.
B: Racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, & homophobia (and other miscellaneous perverted character traits).
Pick one of the above and run with it. Watch it destroy relationships. They want you to.

One thing for certain: the MAGA hat has become a symbol of the “us versus them” fever that has gripped not only the U.S. but much of the world.

My wish: Make North America Free Again (actually it never really has been free but that’s yet another story.)

I chose this song with lyrics because of its naked truth. Peel it away like an onion. Or a matryoshka. You’ll get to the final Russian nesting doll eventually. Or as mathematicians like to say: simplify things by finding the lowest common denominator. It’s that easy.

Joe Cocker – (You can) Leave Your Hat On – 1986
Yt Post by Original Lyrics

So. What are your favorite verses from your holy book? Just wondering when we’ll see them applied in real life, that’s all.

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