Est-ce que ce monde est sérieux?:


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Definition of morals: concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character.

We seem to be purposely confused.

Defending the right of someone to own an arsenal of weapons in his home and at the same time allowing a government to arm itself similarly beyond logical need is not defending free state security. It is immoral.

Defending an accused pedophile is not free speech. It is immoral.

Defending our continued destruction our our planet is not a necessary function of free enterprise. It is immoral.

From The Onion  – Roy Moore On Pedophilia Accusers: ‘These women are only discrediting me now because shifting sociocultural norms have created an environment in which assault allegations are taken seriously’ (for the first time).

From the NRAliens: We must be certain that sociocultural norms in America do not shift thereby creating an environment in which killing with weapons of Mass murder is taken seriously enough to question present sociocultural norms in America

From the minions in our present world: Sociocultural norms have created an Environment in which climate change assertions are denied and not taken seriously enough by those benefiting by causing it, to actually do something about it. Time for a shift in those norms (for the first time).

There’s a lot of bull fighting going on out there, huh.

From Wikipedia;

Bullfighting is a physical contest that generally involves humans attempting to publicly subdue, immobilise, or kill (a bull), usually according to a set of rules, guidelines, or cultural expectations.

Why do we allow la corrida? Why do we like to watch. We know it’s wrong. We know it’s immoral. However, our desire is to dominate others be it a bull, a child, a complete stranger, another country, an ideology we disagree with or our planet. We like to be dominant over something. Our collective egos require it. Period.

The defense of such actions is always spun with seemingly logical arguments by those that feel the need to allow it to happen.

Inevitably, in the end, there is suffering that continues.


I’ve always been a fan of Francis Cabrel. La Corrida is one of his numerous songs that I put into the “really special” category.

This performance of “The Bullfight” is particularly good…if you’re a bass player ( even if you’re not) you’ll like the 5-stringed interpretation at the beginning.

Warning: for those offended by that which they refuse to understand and/or anything “foreign”: this performance is in French and Spanish and puts the spotlight on the bass and accordion players… (Learn to open your damn minds for a change…for the love of God, wherever she may be).

Chords are Dm F C Bflat (Link to studio cut with lyrics)

La Corrida – Francis Gabriel, etal

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Spare Change?

November 13, 2017


John Scoles. Owner of live music venue: Times Change(d). Winnipeg Sun

All the world’s a stage.

The Times are changing….fast. And in many ways. Are you ready? No? You’re not alone. Most are satisfied with simply being carried along for the ride.
One obvious change is how some can market themselves or their opinions or their music or whatever using talent, creativity, fearlessness and technology. Right from wherever you’re presently at.

Of course, the big guys still control the big promotional stuff. But that’s  starting to recreate itself too.

There’s good news and there’s bad news in how tech is affecting our lives but one industry feeling the strain of change is the music industry.
The game is still just as vicious but as long as you avoid the black holes, you can maintain greater control. You certainly don’t need government and corporate intervention simply to be heard.
This is a great example: (& instead of me posting the chords try picking them out following her bar placement…it’s not that difficult and once you pick up that skill you can move on to other things. Like recognising what politicians are doing without being told by someone else.
Diana Rein covers (and puts her own stamp on) People Get Ready/Waiting on the World to Change..

And then there’s John Mayer’s song. Link here . His song was inspired by Curtis Mayfield’s People Get Ready originally recorded in 1965. Link here to a more recent live performance..


November 12, 2017


Fort Prince of Wales (I wonder if Charlie’s ever been there?) From wiki.

Up on the middle coast of Manitoba sits a very well constructed fort built hundreds of years ago. It comes complete with cannons and watchtowers.

Although there were some naval battles offshore in particular at York Factory in 1697, spilling French and English blood into the belugas’ playground, nothing too serious happened at the fort….well maybe a little skirmish as part of the American Revolutionary War.

It was constructed to deter the rest of the world from taking away what the Colonists and opportunists and governmemt supported pirates had taken from the those who first lived here.

Indigenous peoples have been here for thousands of years hunting and fishing and living. Europeans have been coming to this spot since the 1600’s; the “unlocked back door to North America”.

Today, it feels abandoned. Like the rights of the indigenous. Sad.

I always liked this cover of a Zimmerman tune by Dave Mason. The song that, lyrically, starts in the middle. Am G F G repeat or C#m B A B …or like they play in the 1st (acoustic) video: Em D C…whatever

Here’s two from DM. One acoustic, the other is a plugged-in “modern day version” that’s much different that the Mason cut from the 70’s.

All Along the Watchtower Dave Mason

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War Never Ends

November 10, 2017

My uncle was 19 when he and his crew of 6 others disappeared on a mission to bomb German oil refineries in Zeitz, back in January 1945.
No trace of them or their Bomber has ever been found.
But one night ten years ago my mother’s other brother got a phone call from an elderly woman.
She just wanted to contact a family member to let us know that she had been dating my uncle back in Lincolnshire, where he was stationed in ’44/’45. Apparently they were quite serious about each other.
She felt compelled to talk to her love’s family in her final years just for the benefit that it would give to her & perhaps us after over six decades. She also wanted to let us know what a kind, wonderful kid he was.
Of course, she was devastated that he was lost but after several years she regrouped, married and moved to Massechussets where she raised her family.
Her husband had recently passed away and it was time for her to talk to the family that she was so certain, as a teenager, she would marry into.
War has changed thousands upon thousands of lives in similar ways. She never forgot, in fact, a piece of her heart disappeared with him that cold winter night just months before that particular war ended.

The highest award that Great Britain gives for “gallantry in the face of the enemy” is the Victoria Cross. Imagine the fact that three kids, who grew up on the same relatively short street (the same 700 block of renamed Valour Road) here in town, receiving “VC’s!
One would survive the war.
Flashes of heroism amidst overwhelming tragedy and heartbreak.

Time For a Little Redemption

November 10, 2017


Tommy Prince. Born in Petersfield Manitoba – Canada’s  most decorated aboriginal war hero.

Redemption definition: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.

There’s  a real push to recognize women and indigenous contributions to the war effort. That’s appropriate for the past but not the future. It paves the way to be “more inclusive” in future wars. Passing the desease around.
No more wars please.

Redemption song sung in cree:

(I think I play it G Em C Am … G Em C D)

Art Napolean – Redemption Song

Art Napolean’s Facebook page.

Rest In Pieces

November 9, 2017

Here we see our young boys in front of Union Station on The Main in Winnipeg  back in 1915 just prior to leaving for Europe. Most wouldn’t make it back. My 19 year old uncle would also come to this spot 29 years after this photo was taken. Here he would board a train to eventually take him into the skies over Europe to fight in yet another war. He too, would never come back…disappearing into the fog of war. Fyi: today all the buildings in the photo have been ripped down and are now surface parking lots (except Union Station – although it’s raison d’être, VIA Rail, packed up and moved its headquarters to Alberta)…And it’s one, two, three “What are we fighting for”?

The kids who enlisted to go to Europe were eager to go fight in the “war to end all wars” but little did they know the blood and the guts and the mud and the fire they were heading to.*

Many of those nameless boys from Winnipeg’s 44th batallion shown here (and others such as the Winnipeg Rifles – aka Little Black Devils) would not return home-see some names here. They were blown up or drowned in shell craters or were gassed or bayonetted or even shot in famous battles that were nothing more than mass murder acceptably organized by off-site cigar smoking warlords working on behalf of a war machine which was at the time discovering that massive amounts of cash could be gleaned by war. Imagine.

*famous battles the boys above were sent into (from wikipedia):

Somme, 1916
Ancre Heights
Ancre, 1916
Arras, 1917, ’18
Vimy, 1917
Hill 70
Ypres 1917
Scarpe 1918
Hindenburg Line
Canal du Nord
France and Flanders, 1916-18
Remember also: Poland and Russia and Hungary and Hong Kong and Japan and China and Korea and Vietnam and Nicaragua and Bosnia and Somalia and Libya and Palestine and Egypt and Rwanda and Chile and Burundi and Afghanistan and Iraq and Yemen and Myanmar and Syria and Niger and…all the others I forgot to remember.
We shall never forget their sacrifice…but how about we work for peace from now on. I know, it’ll never happen. No money in peace. (Maybe that’s an economic opportunity for some enterprising young entrepreneur. Develop a means to generate billions from peace.)

Richard Thompson – Dad’s Gonna Kill Me – 2007
(A modern-day, cautionary tale of oil and money and war)

YT Post by nemonyxx


Out in the desert there’s a soldier lying dead
Vultures pecking the eyes out of his head
Another day that could have been me there instead
Nobody loves me here
Nobody wants me here
Dad’s gonna kill me
Dad’s gonna kill me
You hit the booby trap and you’re in pieces
With every bullet your risk increases
Old Ali Baba, he’s a different species
Nobody loves me here
Nobody loves me here
Dad’s gonna kill me
Dad’s gonna kill me
I’m dead meat in my HumV Frankenstein
I hit the road block, god knows I never hit the mine
The dice rolled and I got lucky this time
Dad’s gonna kill me
Dad’s gonna kill me
I’ve got a wife, a kid, another on the way
I might get home if I can live through today
Before I came out here I never used to pray
Nobody loves me here
Nobody loves me here
Dad’s gonna kill me
Dad’s in a bad mood, dad’s got the blues
It’s someone else’s mess that I didn’t choose
At least we’re winning on the Fox evening news
Nobody loves me here
Dad’s gonna kill me
Dad’s gonna kill me
Dawn patrol went out and didn’t come back
Hug the wire and pray like I told you, mac
Or they’ll be shoveling bits of you into a sack
Dad’s gonna kill me.
And who’s that stranger walking in my dreams
And whose that stranger cast a shadow ‘cross my heart
And who’s that stranger, I dare speak his name
Must be old death a-walking
Must be old death a-walking
Dad’s gonna kill me
7 muzzle monkeys standing in a row
Standing waiting for the sandbox to blow
Sitting targets in the wild west show
Nobody loves me here
Dad’s gonna kill me
Another angel got his wings this week
Charbroiled with his own Willie Pete
Nobody’s dying if you speak double-speak
Dad’s gonna kill me

**Passchendaele was one of the most senseless battles where thousands lost their lives in just a few days (it was 100 years ago this month). Rather than accurately reflect that senseless hell that it was, a lot of money was spent on a film of the same name that romanticized it basically sending the message that yeah, it was bad but was a very honorable sacrifice to make. They paint war as a necessarily honourable thing to do…plus you could fall in love. Marvelous!
Curiously, the creators of the movie Passchendaele made the home town of the star/hero to be Calgary (at the time a small town on the Alberta prairie) rather than a reasonably more accurate selection on the eastern prairies where many more  volunteers to die came from*. Incidently, for those who are unaware, Calgary is Canada’s oil patch headquarters.
War and oil and money and propaganda. Interesting.

*Why so many casualties from Winnipeg and Manitoba? Simply because in that era it was one of the fastest growing urban areas in North America. This meant a surge in the population of children born to grow up and enlist and feed the machine.

What were they fighting for?

Well, they were fighting for the continued freedom of their colonial masters in Great Britain, France and Europe. They were also fighting for life as they knew it at home.

At the time, Winniepeg was the Dominion’s third largest city. It was a bustling centre of manufacturing, agriculture, natural resources, hydro-electricity, a key financial centre, a distribution centre and an important transportation hub & at the time a soon to be centre for air travel, shipping, maintenance & aerospace r&d…as well as a rapidly developing arts and education centre.

But by the end of the same century it was Canada’s eighth largest city and effectively a leader in none of those things (although it cheaply “dumps” abundant excess amounts of electricity across the line into the U.S. for companies there to make enormous profit).

So who killed the electric city and why? The Canadian illuminati coupled with the fact that nobody stood up to fight for this town.

Over the last half-century, River City has lost unprecedented numbers of high paid jobs and entire economic sectors, head offices and a national strength the survivors of the boys above worked so hard to create. Most jobs moved to one of: Alberta, southern Ontario or Québec lured by nemerous crony-capitalist government interventions.

Somebody wanted it that way. Somebody didn’t really give a damn.

At the same time that this town was being pillaged by our so-called compatriots, indigenous peoples began to rightly return to the city built on ancestral territory. Today, the first nations’ proportion of the city’s overall population is now the largest in the country…probably the world. Should be no surprises. After all…this IS first nations’ territory.

But it would appear that big money and its big government puppet doesn’t like River City. It has become nothing more than an irritant. A work-around.

I have a friend who came here from a war-torn country. He got an affordable place for his family in the city’s north-end. He hopes to raise his family in this safer, new world, full of opportunities. He describes his new neighbourhood to me as a “war zone”.

It would appear that the battles and wars of the past few centuries against indigenous peoples and ideologies has today become more of a back-room, covert-op. The “message” pretends that we are moving forward. That allows government and giant corporate investment to continue to steam-roll Indigenous life. (We are moving forward they say.) But look around. The wars and battles continue today.

They continue here at the very heart of Turtle Island and on the shores of James Bay and in Nunavut and the Dakota plains and the Columbian mountains and African jungles and Australian Islands and boardrooms of Wall Street and hallways of governments and classrooms of Cambridge and … all around the planet.

It continues no matter what they want us to believe. Remember that.
Black Sabbath. My first big name concert when I was 13. As stated before, my ears are still ringing.
They played this and I was a fan ever since.
I’ve posted this one because it has the lyrics. Maybe one day somebody will understand and actually take the message to heart so our species can take a giant leap forward. Maybe.

Remember the sacrifices from all wars. Remember those that the military complex history-writers don’t want you to remember. That includes the most dishonorable of all: the murder and genocide of indigenous peoples via systematic, government-sponsored bureaucratic genocide under the guise of “wars and battles” fought by “us vs them”.


One of several Fields of Honour in this city is at Brookside Cemetary. It is one of the largest and oldest in the country. Photo from Canadian Geographic.

Resting on the “wrong side of the tracks”. You gave your life fighting for your country. But few were willing to fight for your city (least of all your “Dominion” a word from the same Latin root as “dominance”). Pity.
Besides being a time to remember, today is Winnipeg’s birthday. Happy 6,000 years River City…give or take a few days. Fight for you place in history.

7, Te’pakohp, Sept, Seven

November 8, 2017

Gotta love this graphic from From Metepenagiag School in New Brunswick

We have seven deadly sins: envy, gluttony, greed (avarice), lust, pride (hubris), sloth (that’s right…sloth), and wrath.
And we have seven sacred teachings: love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, truth.

The choice is there for us to make. Choose one with, one heart, one mind, one drum.

William Prince (please keep names in that order – not the reverse) @willandhismusic – is from Peguis Forst Nation, Manitobas largest first nation community. The people of Peguis are of Saulteaux (Anishinaabe) and Cree descent.
This song was written for the 2016 graduating class at Peguis First Nation, It is based on the 7 Sacred Teachings.
This is so very special:
William Prince – Seven (Live at Grosvenor School, Winnipeg)
Yt post by Twang Trust

Written by William Prince and Scott Nolan (free listening on SoundCloud)
May your love be pure like an eagle Wisdom be under every stone you turn
Let truth be your key to freedom and bind you
To the path that holds the light

We’re the reason that there’s seven sins and teachings
Each one can wait the other out
Life is two wolves, good and evil, who you feeding?
Tell me are you in or are you out?

Be honest and honour each other
Don’t make a promise that you’ll have to break
Have forgiveness when there’s only hatred
Stand up for good for goodness sake

May your mind be vast like the ocean Salvage the lesson from each storm you survive
Let honesty lead you ‘cross the sea, forever keep you
On the current that carries the light

In this world that’s growing older faster Humility will keep your spirit young
When you’re looking far into the future
Don’t forget how far you’ve already come

May your strength be abundant everlasting
Joy bring peace to your life
Surrender your heart to the seven
Keep to the path that holds the light

Let respect be the law by which you’re driven
‘Cause respect it gets earned it ain’t given
To our brothers and sisters born with two spirits
May you find the courage to reconcile

So, tell me: are you inside out or are you outside in? In or out??

First, you have to look out your window and you’ll see the grass ain’t green. Kind of like George Costanza realizing that when he started doing the opposite, things in his life started working out.

So don’t habitually go for the flashing, colored lights of the seven deadly sins…go for the seven sacred teachings. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I loved the work of The Traveling Wilburys. They kept it simple but molded their catchy riffs and vocals into very listenable songs. At the same time their egos allowed each “brother’s” unique qualities to shine through. Nice.

Chords…try various combinations of the ole standard EABD with some sharps and minors in the bridge link here

Traveling Wilburys – Inside Out

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