Sister Act

February 14, 2018

Cover up. Above: Gerry Cheevers’ Boston Bruins goalie mask.

I just read an article in The Times by Matthew Syed concerning the North Korean scam being played on the world stage at the South Korean winter Olympic games. The cheerleaders. The unified flag. And “his” sister. Happy People. But back in the North, people are scared $#!+£€$$ of a murderous totalitarian regime.
One word is particularly striking: sororicide.

How do you feel under all that concealer?
Are you breathing?

Raffaella – Sororicide (live @ the Standard East Village 10/27/17)
Yt post by iwaseasymeat

f3c92e66c08d64743cf37701511e3127image from
Smiling Faces. Sometimes. Tell lies.


Royal Rules

February 13, 2018


It’s a tough climb made only for those given the proper gear and on the inside of the fence.

In this country built on stolen land, there is little doubt that if you are of fine British stock, or look and talk and act like you are, you are at the top of the pyramid. (BTW the dark skin of Cheddar dude is fake news designed to make white Brits feel guilty…yeah…that’s it…guilty.*)



“Medals” given to Treaty signatories many of whom did not speak English, but signed the papers made by colonizers and their legal staff and duly executed at a time and place suitable to the colonizers…Most if not all of the “indians” did not understand that they were granting/ceding ALL territorial land to the British crown (many thought it was simply the land the trading post etc was built on). From then on the intruders became “the boss” symbolized by the face of the British crown. And that’s how the term ‘royally screwed’ came to be.

Don’t be fooled by the handshake. Its a trap. The King and/or Queen of England (+ immence corporate wealth and power under their umbrella) and their minions on this side of the pond are in complete control. They make the rules. They write the laws.  They police our society accordingly. They recreate history as taught in their schools using their languges and belief systems….and all carefully managed by their subjects. Their symbols and flags and faces appear in the news cycles, on the internet, in our buildings, our law courts, our flags and on our money. We must obey and act on their behalf…and pressure “others” to go back to their respective corners & into the shadows cuz “if yer not one of us you can just sit down and shut the hell up.” We pretend we are free to make our own decisions but we’re not. God save us huh.

One of these days I’m gonna raise my glistening wings and fly
But that day will have to wait for a while
Baby I’m only society’s child
When we’re older things may change
But for now this is the way, they must remain

This is a cool song for three reasons: (1) Lyrically, it deals with societal pressures regarding disallowance of harmony. (2) JI wrote it and I think she was only 17 performing here on The Smothers Brothers Show. (3) It actually breaks a number of songwriting “rules”. Amazing.
Society’s Child – Janis Ian – 1967
Yt post by Kehlog Albran

Don’t give in. Submitting to control is just plain stupid. And silly.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Cardiff Castle

 (Photo by Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

* and a day after I wrote this (with tongue firmly planted in cheek I might add), a Wisconsin republican congressional candidate and declared racist, Paul Nehlen, said basically the same thing. Cheddar man is fake news used to soften global-Euro white displacement. But he was serious. Seriously. I kid you not. Now watch me raise my right eyebrow. Ever so slightly.

Is Over Coming?

February 12, 2018

Guilt. As charged.
Above: KKK members in Saskkkatchewan.

The image above is  from a ‘klan site’ talking about the goodness of racism. It says: “The Ku Klux Klan was the second largest organization in Saskatchewan back in the 1920’s. It was a huge part of Saskatchewan during the Great Depression. It brought people together. The Klan showed extreme racism against everyone who wasn’t white, which in turn probably taught many to stand up for others and to love everyone for who they are.”
And outright racism is still alive and well in Saskatchewan, and in every other corner of Canada and the world… in spite of collective denial of its existence.

There have been thousands of comments (comments made out of resentment from guilt and shame of treatment of Indigenous peoples) about “Justice for Coulten” & demonstrations:
If the Indians have so much energy to protest all the time. Why can’t they go out and get jobs and stop being a strain on society.

Instead of banging on drums why dont you teach your children not to form armed, drunken, marauding gangs intent on home invasion?

#JusticeWasServedForCoulten #PlayWithFireYouGetBurned #OffMyPropertyBitch #Karma #ProudMomentForCanada
Disagree, tons of justice served here…

and canada has one less roaming gang of drunken, armed natives intent on home invasion
Oh Kkkanada.

Guilt definition from Psychology Today:
Guilt and its handmaiden, shame, can paralyze us––or catalyze us into action. Appropriate guilt can function as social glue, spurring one to make reparations for wrongs. Excessive rumination about one’s failures, however, is a surefire recipe for resentment and depression
Some of us thought we were inching toward honorable reconciliation. We weren’t wrong. We just have to leverage the guilt and shame of past genocidal atrocities resulting in today’s subsequent social beliefs into positive action.
There is a whole lot of racism simmering in the background here in Canada and this trial has revealed just how ugly it is.
And I think of Brigitte Lacquette, an Métis Cree Olympian who faced racism as young as 12 years old. She was taunted with the standard “Dirty Indian” and “Go back to the reserve”…but she overcame it to play for her country (still full of racists) at the Winter Olympics.
Racism and hate have become normal and even acceptabe publically. We all gotta realize that we are the reason for the reality we face.
We shall overcome?
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In the Name

Lunatic fringe
We all know you’re out there
Can you feel the resistance
Can you feel the thunder

Song by a boy from Lynn Lake and his band Red Rider
Lunatc Fringe

It’s everywhere. In every corner of the planet. White privilege and racism. You deny it exists. Yet you are willing to kill to protect it. Go figure.

Murder and Profit

February 11, 2018

Once again a killer is profiitting from his murderous ways. And no. I’m not talking about BP. (I mean a page set up for Killer Stanley which has already generated ~$30,000??). It is quite unbelievable, the number of people supporting “the white man’s right to kill”. Quite un believable!
Excuse me but… We are (still) pathetic.
Bonanza defined:
A situation or event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits.
“a bonanza in military sales”
synonyms: windfall, godsend, boon, blessing, bonus, stroke of luck, jackpot
“those grisly murders of 1872 turned into quite a bonanza for the town, which has thrived as a center of tourism ever since”
YT Post by Sue Ellen Mohney

I find it interesting that all the actors in the above clip (Greene, Roberts, Blocker, Landon, De Carlo) are dead and long gone but the image* they played a part in goes on and on and on.
* White people come in and take over the place to their sole, undying benefit. Conquer the savage beasts! (except for the image of Indian princesses…Let that live on. That’s money in the bank for the white profiteers*).
*Caution: Statements made with an abundance of sarcasm. Please delete stereotypical portrayal. Centuries of colonialism = trauma = some resulting realities we see today.
Above Yvonne De Carlo playing a “native American” named Wah-Tah in the 1943 film Deerslayer.

Black & White & Red All Over

February 10, 2018

Q: “What the hell is white privelage?” you ask.

A: If you don’t know then you are living it.

White privilege is on trial. To wit: Does it exist or does it not exist?
I give you Exhibit A
colten-boushie-gerald-stanley-side-by-sideFrom CBC
And now I’d like to present Exhibit B (please reference the response to the original tweet.)
Although I could go through the alphabet a thousand times I give you Exhibit C for historical context (followed by a court briefing):

First we must dismiss all the fluff surrounding the events of that day and look at the actual discharge of a firearm resulting in death. This we know:
A (white) Saskatchewan farmer living on land stolen by his ancestors, takes a loaded firearm, walks out of his farmhouse and shoots a young (red) man in the back of the head resulting in death. The victim was on the farmer’s property. (You see the first bit of tragic irony here?)

The law says the farmer’s action is either guilty (second degree murder or manslaughter) or not guilty (accused bears no responsibility for the death and its consequences to family and society). (Many observers think it’s black and white…someone is responsible for the death of another).
But let’s allow a jury of the accused’s (white) peers decide shall we: …And after a few hours of deliberation considering “all” the evidence they decide to let the accused walk free. (In effect this jury has decided that it is ok for one of their (white) farmers to take a (red) boy’s life under ther guise of protecting “his” property. I.e. relax everyone it is fine to kill a fox in your henhouse and it is equally fine to kill an uninvited person on your property).
Now, combined with a trial using a colonial legal system designed by and for non-indigenous… THAT is white privelage in action my friends. And if you still defend the murderer or point fingers in other directions or blame the victim or just “don’t get it” then YOU are part of the problem.
Your colonial honour: I rest my case. (I try my best not to reveal my heartfelt belief that the jury, in this case ‘entrenched societal beliefs’, will conclude that “white privelage” does NOT exist and the case will be dismissed with prejudice.)
We’ve travelled a long way on this road together…but we’ve gotten nowhere.

A song dealing with missing and murdered indigenous women and girls (MMIWG). If you are questioning the relationship of MMIWG to the Colten Boushie / Gerald Stanley trial then you just don’t get it do you.
Indian City – Through the Flood


Jackson Beardy – Hatching Birds. Jackson was a Manitoba Anishinaabe artist who’s work suffered through non-acceptance by the power broking art establishment. Reminds me of Manitobah’s fate. He was a member of the Indigenous Group of Seven.

Sorry Justin. But you and your crony ilk have disappointed a few of us as much as your Uncle Brian. Oh. And Uncles Paul and Jean…and maybe even Auntie Kim and Uncle Lester.

Disclaimer: This may be too far overhead for adequate comprehension (like the Falcon Heavy) but here goes:

People talk a lot about fake news. Fakebook and social media or all traditional media news outlets like NY Times or CNN (NOT Fox though….they’re  good. Very great. Lots of freinds there.) But seldom do said people talk about outlets like Canada’s Maclean’s “Magazine” or the National Post. (Both owned by white males running mega media conglomerates who vacation together with the same friends near the Aga Khan’s island). Talk about swindler guided bs!! These rags are nothing more than courriers for select product and corporate endorsement under the guise of  current affairs and news.
They are merely outlets for the establishment…the corporate moguls who run this country. The ones who make certain that wealth and power is centralized within predefined parameters and that most dollars flow into their pockets. The government’s of Alberta, Ontario, Québec and Canada (aka the group of 4 or G4) all conspire with a select group of individuals/families to keep the machine finely tuned to their benefit. And yes, that includes family names such as Trudeau and Mulroney. They all work for the same players. ($askatchewan desperately wants to get into the group but they don’t have the shills in place…although Sheer was set up for the job but has grinned his way out of the puppet show.)
And it should be no surprise. It’s the same in the U.S. In America we have political families acting on behalf of the corporate and lobbyist puppeteers. It’s the same in all the countries controlled by the G7, G8 Gwhatever nations that manage and centralize global net wealth.
I always shake my head when I hear someone from Alberta talk about Manitoba and transfer payments. They always conveniently forget that Alberta (along with the other two mentioned above) stole entire economic sectors from Manitoba between the 1960s and 2000 almost fully completely suffocating the local economy. We’re talking multiples of billions of dollars siphoned out of here to those places. If they had been left to naturally prosper, there would be no need for transfer payments. The government/corporate pillaging was absolutely devasting to the Manitoba economy but nobody talks about it mainly because the conversation is directed away from that. Directed by the criminal accomplices of the well-oiled machine. Pity.
Another planted shill spreading the G4 gospel was PM Harper, an Albertan, who worked under complete control of Mulroney and his crony corporate sponsors. Among numerous other things they conspired to kill the Canadian Wheat Board and their Winnipeg headquarters which, in addition to numerous negative impacts locally, effectively destroyed the Churchill shipping industry and subsequently the northern port itself…Sounds good on paper. “Get rid of government regulation” yet Trudeau ABlibs have just announced a new energy “regulator” with headquarters in Calgary Alberta. How cozy and convenient! And highly selective & beneficial government meddling…notice any trends here. The government interference recreating Manitoba’s economy and benefiting Alberta’s…oh I forgot the plum offered is MB gets to create more part time, low wage phone center and telemarketing jobs. Those are jobs with no spin offs….and no future. see graphic below.


Image: CBC

Right now, the attention has been shifted to B.C. because many folks in that beautiful mountainous west coast province don’t want Alberta oil/gas pipelines to cross their territory and eventually spillnkill onto land and/or water. And it’s a question of when not if. We witness lots of tar people whinining and parroting the industry conversation that we need oil revenue and need oil for life and oil is God’s gift to peoplekind. (No mention here that we need to move away from fossil fuels. We do.) Alberta has even stooped lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut by declaring war on small individual family run BC wineries for the sake of their Big Oil “men in the chair”. The Premier must’ve come up with that tactic whilst meeting with oil patch magnates at one of their glitzy mountain “retreats”. Sacrifice small family run farms for the sake of Big Oil. Wow. And people lap it up and admire her tactics.

Meanwhile, back with the fed: Trudeau’s Finance Minister has been pushing for governments to amend legislation to allow them to switch from defined benefit to targeted (shared risk*) pension plans for their employees. Guess what. His firm (a human resources services & technology company with head office in Ontario) stands to benefit greatly from consultation resulting from the switch (in fact, Morneau shares have shot up like one of comrade Musk’s rockets). In Manitoba (and several other jurisdictions) pensioners will assume all the risk under a shared risk pension (*there is no shared risk here) after years of bargaining on the premise that their pension, subsidized by their own wages over decades, would offer the stability of defined benefit. On paper, it sounds good…get government out of the pension admin business…but look who benefits and look who suffers from this further example of government interference on behalf the same few. And sadly, many will leave the province for less costly jurisdictions to offset the governmemt created instability of the pension income. Again, a member of the G4 benefits. The rest? No/non/mwâc ahpô ᒫᐧᐨ ᐊᐦᐴ.

And of course, the Trudeau government supports the pipeline to tidewater. They have been told to. Btw. Right now Justin is in Silicon Valley lobbying on behalf of his Group of 4 –  in this case, primarily Ontario and it’s Amazon bid….which will benefit greatly from the crony capitalism unfolding before our very eyes. Yes. Ontario, where incidently the machine is revving it’s engines in support of a new political puppet, none other than Brian Mulroney’s daughter. ( Lord give us strength). Mulroney is the one who, in conjunction with Trudeau senior, single handedly crippled Manitobah’s aerospace industry and shifted work to his grand masters in Québec. Lock ’em up! Dirty rotten scoundrels.
And the crimes that happen here are proof of the global network operating the same way in your jurisdiction and to your people. The same few are ultimate beneficiaries. Sad…and crestfallen. Very crestfallen.

It is the prejudicial order of the group in control. And it’s happening to you…And you….And you. Cuz we see it at home in Arizona (where there is an abundance of corporate welfare checks being handed out at the state legislature) as well as in Minnesota and Nova Scotia and Vermont and…

And the oil patch buys off opposition frequently. Lately, the Manitoba Métis Federation Inc went on record in support of a gas pipeline to come across Manitoba territory in support of continuing Alberta/QC/ON economic control (again mortgaging the future for the sake of a few jobs and trinkets). Louis Riel and his people made a colossal error in 1870. One that has screwed his peoples and played out negatively in his territory over time. Big mistake. Big effing mistake.

Discrimination against a select and identifiable group of peoples…Could one infer that we have created a racist economy? Evidently.


Wasn’t it nice for the G4 to help us replace the aerospace jobs (and high tech jobs as spinoffs), transportation  jobs, lucrative financial jobs and investment, processing and manufacturing jobs, subsequent brain drain and miscellaneous jobs for the people with the soon to disappear weak sector jobs shown above? (Perhaps the real estate jobs here are the result of folks moving out of province).

Yes. Breaking up is hard to do but it is time we go our own way.

Tell me why, everything turned around..
If I could
Baby I’d give you my world
Open up
Everything’s waiting for you

Comprenez-vous? ᒫᐧᐨ ᐊᐦᐴ

The late Dolores O’Riordan – Go Your Own Way
YT Post by VikuI57

And wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where the individual had infinitely more freedom unhindered by the power broker controlled patriarchal system in place today? True self-determination.

The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t  it  be nice – 1966

Yt post by Carlos Civente aka Solrac Etnevic

We are all family. Just that some eat the others’ food.
Susan Aglukark, ᓲᓴᓐ ᐊᒡᓘᒃᑲᖅ (suusan agluukkaq) an Inuk singer born in Churchill, Manitoba. (Yeah. That Churchill) O Siem -1995
YT Post by mishi45

Btw. Elijah Harper (above from Red Sucker Lake which is just a few lakes over from Jackson Beardy’s Garden Hill First Nation) really pissed-off the highly vindictive Mulroney who subsequently went after Manitobah’s economy like a turkey vulture on a newly hatched Common loon chick. No telling what his daughter will do on his (and his friends) behalf. (Give us strength to go our own way.)


February 8, 2018


White European men lead by a lovely lady contributing to ultimate genocide on behalf of their corporate sponsors.

People get upset when a wealthy dentist from Minneapolis kills an African lion for the sole purpose of temporarily satisfying his testosterone fueled ego. Even though their “protest” is a highly limited “one-off”, I get that.

But people also get all bitter and twisted when they see Inuit hunters killing seal, skinning it and eating the still warm brain…just as they have done for thousands of years. Those upset people don’t get it and further, they don’t wan’t to get it. “Eat like us.” they’ll say. Q: Why do you expect them to be like us? Why? And next time you’re in Iqaliut check out the price of chicken and milk.

The parrots say: Well if they hunted in traditional ways rather than living in houses, needing fuel, driving snowmobiles and using rifles they would have no need for cash…hence the seal hunt ban would not affect them.

Uh huh. It’s called bait and switch. A typical tactic used by governments and “monetary funds” working on behalf of special corporate interests.

And the tactic is used across the planet to destroy Indigenous life and more importantly, silence their voices and clear the way for the ‘special interests’ to move in and get what they’re  after: from diamonds to urainium to swaths of rain forests to fossil fuels. (Although Indigenous peoples are usually the first casualties of misguided thirst for profit, ultimately we all suffer…and no, the ‘”improved standard of living and lifestyle” message that is currently being conveyed is short lived and limited to a select portion of the planet.)

Perhaps those parotting big corporate desires should stop chirping and attempt to understand from Indigenous peoples’ point of view. I mean really, really try to understand. But alas, (that’s right alas) we will never see that day. Corporate and government mind control is far too widespread. And people love to parrot the scripted mantras fed to them.

As for the seal hunt ban and the sanctions imposed by the European parliament: As usual, no one thought or bothered or even wanted to ask any Inuit to be part of the discussion leading to the ban.

People care about cute white baby seals but hypocritically turn their backs on underwater blasting on behalf of the oil industry in the same location. Blasting is a practise that disrupts aquatic life, deafens seals and causes whales to swim into shallow water or under sea ice where they subsequently parish. But the parrots chant “blast, baby, blast”.

The popular trend by people who resist change and refuse to see or be empathetic is to call actions that threaten them, overly ‘politically correct’. …Politically correct?? It. Is. Respect. And showing a little love for other members of our species and all life.

Cue the haters, cuz people hate love…They have too much invested in mindless murderous hatred. In fact, that’s why they hate this song and its pitiful message:

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

From the CBC doc Angry Inuk.  Losing your temper can be a sign of a guilty conscience.

The Inuit people have built into their social structure the concepts of self-control and sharing.

Tudjaat – qingauiit
Yt post by TheChroniquesdumonde

Article 3 of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) details Indigenous rights to self-determination. SELF-determination means they have been granted the right to decide their economic, social and cultural evolution. Q: Who benefits; the grantor or the grantee? Q: Is this more meaningless lip service disguised as ‘legal’ rights? Appears to be.


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